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Police Officers (警官, Keikan; Literally meaning "Cop, Policemen") are known in the Detective Conan series that are helping the Police Inspector by their research in various of different cases. They are mostly known as the ones who are re-checking information when the Inspector is interrogating the victims or the alleged offender. They are also asking for informations by to their colleagues to know if it is right. Not only they are helping the Inspector with their researches they also play a major role in human safety. They are mostly paroling in their own district and in each different prefecture in Japan to know sure that everyone is following the law and also that they doesn't harm each other.


Each police officer in each country has a different appearance. In Japan and in most of the manga series, the police officers are seen wearing everything in blue. Male police officers are wearing a dark blue cap with in the mid a golden emblem wearing a blue shirt and a dark blue vest where they are having their equipments and blue pants. Female police officers are wearing a dark blue police cap but in a different size then that of the male's also wearing a blue shirt and a dark blue vest where they have their equipments, instead of wearing a dark blue pants they are wearing a blue T-skirt. The appearance of the police will change every season most of the times. During the summer the males are wearing a T-shirt same as the female police officers. In the winter they are wearing a thick jacket which the female's most likely are having a pants instead of a skirt.

Known Police Officers