Omoidetachi ~Omoide~.

Omoidetachi ~Omoide~ (想い出たち~想い出~, Memories ~Memories~) is a imagine song single sung by Minami Takayama as the voice of Conan Edogawa. It was released on December 28, 2005 for 1,050円.


  1. Omoidetachi ~Omoide~ (想い出たち~想い出~, Memories ~Memories~)
  2. Boku ga Iru ~Conan no Tēma (ぼくがいる~コナンのテーマ~, I'm Here ~Conan's Theme~)
  3. Omoidetachi ~Omoide~ (Karaoke) (想い出たち~想い出~ (カラオケ), Memories ~Memories~ (Karaoke))
  4. Boku ga Iru ~Conan no Tēma (Karaoke) (ぼくがいる~コナンのテーマ~(カラオケ), I'm Here ~Conan's Theme~ (Karaoke))

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