Mio Ashida (芦田美緒, Ashida Mio) is a anime only character from the Detective Conan series. She is the main suspect during the The Intimidator In a Rainy Night Murder Case.


She got dumped by her ex-boyfriend Yoshizumi Karashima and didn't came in the time when her brother died, although her situation became worst when her father lost his job and died later in the hospital and her mother died later. She tried to avenge Karashima cause she believed that he was responsible for the death of her brother during a car accident.


She is normally a cheerful and nice women, but she can plan things well to trick police inspectors and she can act which she can make the peoples around her believe that it is real.


Mio has short curly brown hair and blue eyes. She was seen with a long brown rain coat, regular she wears a pink shirt and blue pants.