Kaitō Kid has stolen the "Blush Mermaid" alongside with the turtle. Ginzō Nakamura is in shocked about what happened and evenly hoped that the turtle run in the shadow in the aquarium. Jirokichi Suzuki then found a message from Kaitō Kid with in there: "I have taken the jewel. If you don't believe me, check!". Jirokichi then orders them to remove the locks on the aquarium and that they must bring a step ladder so that he can check the tank by himself. When Jirokichi is checking the tank, he is in shock. Ginzō ask him if the turtle is inside or not. Jirokichi then says that the turtle is not inside the tank which Ginzō thinks that it is ridiculous. While the guards are holding the peoples outside, a woman runs out of the museum with the message that Kid successfully stolen the jewel. Everyone outside is cheering Kaitō Kid in stealing the treasure which Ginzō is wondering why they are cheering him on. Kogorō tells Ginzō that the tank was made from reinforced glasses and explains that Kid whilst their eyes that were covered by the carpet and said that the turtle has been stolen on a pretty spectacular way. Ginzō ask him how he knows all the detailed specs of the tanks which Kogorō responded that it was on the news. Sera tells them that this all has been too well done. Sera explains that Kid has planted all the strings in the carpet and set a winch in the chandelier to pull them up. Ginzō ask the guards if they didn't check them. They said that the carpet and the chandelier had both been changed a few days before the tank was exhibited there, which leaves Ginzō in shock. Jirokichi then tells them that they redid the carpet because there was a visitor a few days ago that sprayed coke around everywhere and that the workers from the interior design company suggested that they changed the chandelier so that it matches with the color of the carpet. Jirokichi explains further that it seems fro him a good opportunity for a spot of redecorating because they move all the artifacts from the room to make space for the tank which he took up their offer which later Jirokichi thinks that it could be Kid. Ginzō then says that it was Kid with an accomplice because they already knew that it was the exhibition place. Jirokichi then says that he already has lost and that they should withdraw because Kid is already far gone according to him. Later Conan has figured our Kid's trick which in the bathroom someone is making noises which wonders in who Kid is disguised.