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  • Hello Can you make the color of this wiki a bit more light heart like light blue it too dark

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    • Well black isn't any better the graphics need to change the others are okay I went to this wikia few time before you did you know before it was grey it was more light-hearted

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    • The reason I used black was because the background has grey/white and a few black bricks. It wouldn't work whatsoever if I used green, yellow, red, blue, or anything like that. The only way it would look good is if I either changed the color of the bricks which means I'd have to download it and then edit it, or change that image altogether or remove it. That's why I made the black transparent, so you could see through it making it look less dark than if it were pure black and also so you could see the image behind it. But i'd say it is better than white because when I first used the black color, it complimented the white bricks as it's a contrast. And when I had all the links forest green, that complimented the black nicely. The dark blue was more or less just a way to darken the attention on the much brighter green, but that was for lack of a better color. But I don't know why your concern is to make this site feel light hearted, I mean I'm not trying to make it feel morbid or anything, but it is a series revolving around death and murder, drugs and basically any other criminal act you could imagine. Even though it's directed at a younger audiance, it is far from being the next feel-good anime. Making it all go back to pure white would be a bad idea but making the site white and pink or pink and green or something "super light hearted" wouldn't fit the show either. You need to make a compromise with me lol, I changed the dark green to light baby blue and the dark blue to ocean blue which is much brighter, and they still compliment the black underlay, just for you. So tell me what kind of colors you think would work together and maybe I can try something. If it looks good I might use it but if it doesn't then I'll just stay this way for the time being.

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