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  • Hello KidProdigy, I am the current Admin of this wikia as of the past half year or so. I wanted to greet you considering how long you've been here and how much you've contributed as a past admin, though from what I can gather on your profile, you won't become regularly active here just yet if ever. Even so, I decided months ago to gain adminship so as to continue where you left off, as not everything was in my power to act upon as just a regular editor. I've revamped several main pages and made accessibility more convenient, organised several pages and sections of the site, changed some of this wikia's settings and added some other features. A great many of the missing pages have been added or are at least underway, and several of the templates have been recreated such as the episode template and the character template. There has been and will continue to be many changes to hopefully bring life to this wikia in the future, for now though I had some general ideas that will at my pace at least, probably take me until the end of 2017 to accomplish. I was basically just giving you a heads up so you knew and could maybe give your thoughts if you feel it neccesary. As far as I'm aware, you aren't currently admin anymore, so when you chose to return if you choose to return at all that is, and you still wish to be an admin which I assume you would, just leave me a message and I'll add you back right away. When I first got here there was an overwhelming amount of things that needed to be done but I feel like it's really starting to move along piece by piece.

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    • Thank you for the heads-up. I've haven't been here around like ages because I am currently busy maintaining other wiki's, and even dealing with my personal life were I have little to no time for this wiki. Glad someone took over from me with the same vision I had long ago for this wiki.

      This wiki is not wrong in its aesthetics so no need to worry about it. I like it. I don't think I will be heading to this wiki any time soon, or even make a return to this wiki. It is all yours, I am burned down. Just take care of this wiki in the future, as this was my very first wiki I ever contributed to and adopted. It is still my #1 favorite wiki.

      I you would, you can keep me up to date of your plans if you like. Nevertheless, I will support what you have for this wiki.

      High regards, KidProdigy

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