Heiji and Kazuha arrived at the detective agency of Kogorō. Heiji says: "We've got a case! Kudō!!" which Ran ask Heiji what he meant with that. Heiji then denies saying that since they've got a case, things are getting lively around here. After Kazuha tells Heiji that it is just plain inconsiderate for a murder case. Kogorō thinks that Heiji came all the way from Osaka to Tokyo to get advice on a murder case. Heiji says that the murder scene has been set in Tokyo and said that the person who backed him up was Inspector Gorō Ōtaki that also came along. Kogorō is surprised to see Gorō. Gorō explains to them why they came to Tokyo. They later goes to the place where the murder has set to check more details about the locked room. Heiji and Conan solved the case which contains really to be suicide, which disappoint Heiji. Kogorō and Gorō are talking to each other about the case, which a women comes overhearing the conversation telling them that they are talking about Fūra, which she explains about him. Fūra came with the elevator with a gun next to his head and shot himself. The lift then goes upwards which Heiji was about to run upwards. Conan then told him to wait because the elevator then comes back on the same floor they are, which they are seeing Fūra's dead body on the elevator ground.


  • When Heiji said "Kudō" and almost got questioned by Ran, he then says that things got lively. The kanji for lively is (躍動, Yakudō). Heiji added the "Ya" to "Kudō" which forms one word "Yakudō".