Kogorō Mōri (毛利 小五郎, Mōri Kogorō) is another main protagonist of the "Detective Conan" series and a private inspector that runs a detective agency named "The Mōri Detective Agency". He is the father of Ran Mōri and the husband of Eri Kisaki, although the two are been separated for ten years. Kogorō gained fame thanks by Conan as the Sleeping Kogorō (眠りの小五郎, Nemuri no Kogorō) by solving cases in the way how he looks like he is sleeping, which he literally is sleeping.


Young Kogorō and Eri

Young Kogorō and Eri.

20 years ago, Kogorō attended the Teitan High School, the same high school where Shinichi and his daughter Ran are going to, alongside with Eri Kisaki, Yukiko Fujimine, and Ruri Ujo[2]. When Kogorō was still a high school student, there was a contest at their school known as the Miss Teitan competition. He voted accidentally for Eri because he was very bad at English because he read Miss Teitan which he though that Miss was the abbreviation of Mistake which he had to vote on the one he hated that time, which he had to pocketed it because it was wrong. If he understood that word, he should definitely vote for Shinichi's mother, Yukiko Fujimine[3].

Kogorō sees his former supervisor

Kogorō sees his former supervisor.

When Kogorō attended the Beika University, which he was the ace of the Judo team, unfortunately he had a highly vulnerable to stage fright[4]. Around some time he married Eri Kisaki. The two of them where not acting like they are fighting, but acting more like love ones, they where completely different on their times at high school which the two are hating and yelling at each other, but when they got married that they where loving and caring about each other. A lot of peoples are still wondering how the two could marry each other evenly what has happened on high school when they where still young[2]. Kogorō and Eri got a daughter which they call them Ran. Kogorō became a police officer and worked at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force Division One under Inspector Megure, but he did poorly at his job. He also worked for some time under Inspector Yuminaga in the arson division as well which Kogorō calls him a fiery old fossil[5]. According to Yuminaga, Kogorō caused him trouble with his sloppy investigations at the fire department[6].

It can be that Kogorō left the police department was because he accidentally shot Eri when she was kept hostage[7], but his actual reason is not known. Kogorō and Eri are then living separately after an argument ten years[7], with the reason that is also unknown. Kogorō then started his own Detective Agency to become a private investigator, but unfortunately, after the appearance of Shinichi, he lost clients to him.


Kogorō tries to avoid Ran

Kogorō tries to avoid Ran.

Kogorō is more seen as the idiot of the series by many characters[8][9]. First in his high school years, Kogorō was very bad in English, mostly understanding the abbreviations of words[10]. Kogorō is also mostly a slacker on his office, seeing that he is mostly drinking, smoking and sleeping behind his desk[11][12] which mostly Ran is cleaning it up for him. Conan sees him as a hopeless adult which he cannot achieve anything with him and evenly thinks that he will never gonna be a great detective which he thinks that it is impossible[13]. Kogorō is a big fan of the Japanese idol Yōko Okino, which he mostly puts his alarm clock on exact the same time when the show starts[13]. When Kogorō is mostly seeing a pretty women evenly it is a friend from High School times, he mostly neglect his daughter which once he told his old schoolmate Ruri Ujo that Ran is a girl next door instead that she is his daughter[14].

Kogorō's other favourite

Kogorō's other favorite.

When Kogorō is drunk he became unstable when he sees a pretty women which he starts to flirt with her in a very embarrassing way, evenly when someone important is alongside with him, evenly known is that Kogorō can be headstrong and irritable, but especially so when Eri is involved[15][16]. Kogorō is not diplomatic which frequently making sarcastic and blunt comments about suspects or even his own clients. Others than having that kind of personality, Kogorō's hobbies are Mahjong[17], Horce racing[18] and Keirin.


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Kogorō has some skills on his own. He was the ace of his Judō team when he was on high school and evenly though Eri his signature move, the Ippon seoi nage (一本 背負投; Literally meaning "One-arm Shoulder Throw") and evenly Ran how to practice in Judō, but rather choose Karate. Kogorō is also very handy with a handgun as seen in the second movie.

Detective Abilities

Kogorō was formerly a prominent police officer under Inspector Megure ten years before the start of the series. He left the police force after he accidentally shot his wife Eri Kisaki when she got captured by the criminal during a interrogation[7]. He also worked for some time under Yuminaga in the arson division. Yuminaga said that Kogorō always disturbed the scene with sloppy investigations. Known is that the fire department complaint many times about Kogorō's behavior[19]. As a private investigator, Kogorō often miss obvious clues and jumps in wrong conclusions which leaves the innocent frustrated and angry at him. With the help of Conan, he figuring out the obvious clues but still doesn't think wisely. Evenly when Conan solves the cases throughout him he became famed as the Sleeping Kogorō (眠りの小五郎, Nemuri no Kogorō) because of the way he is solving cases in his sleep.

Jugo somehow mistake him as Smoking Kogorō (煙の小五郎, Kemuri no Kogorō) due to his heavy smoking habits[20]. As being portrait as a idiotic dumb person, Kogorō shows that he is pretty smart himself, evenly so that he can solve a case on his own without the help of Conan.


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The Murder In the Roller Coaster

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He is first seen hitting Shinichi Kudō's face on the newspaper after that Shinichi solved the case in the mansion that gave him another boost in his fame.

Creation and Concept

Kogorō Mōri's name comes from two different mystery novel authors. The name Kogorō comes from the name "Kogorō Akechi" (明智 小五郎, Akechi Kogorō) which shares the same three kanji. Kogorō Akechi is a fictional detective character created by Edogawa Rampo which is also the main protagonist of his dark-toned detective novels and also one of the leaders of the organized children detective team; Detective Boys. His surname "Mōri" comes from the novelist Maurice Leblanc famously known with his creation of the phantom thief Arsène Lupin. A Japanese translated version of LeBlanc's name is Mōrisu Ruburan (モーリス・ルブラン).

The name meaning of the name Kogorō means: "Litte Five Sons" which the name "Mōri" have several meanings: "fur", hair", feather", or "down" which comes from the kanji "Mō" and "profit", "advantage", "benefit" from the kanji "Ri".


  • (To Ran) "Hehe...So you had a fight, heh? Let him go! You know there is no such thing as a normal detective."[21]
  • (To Izumi) "Helloo? Izumi? It's me, Kogorō! How about I come and give you a visit at your bar tonight?! My wife? Don't worry we're in separation! I'm sure tonight will be a hot night!!"[22]
  • (To Eri) "Sorry, Eri. I knew that you could prove that I'm innocent. Oh yeah, I'm tired of Ran's cooking. I miss the special flavor of your cooking so... Isn't it about time that you come back? We'll start over."[23]


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