Katsuhiko Minagawa

Katsuhiko Minagawa (克彦皆川, Katsuhiko Minagawa; English TV "Keenan Morris") is a Character in Anime and Manga Detective Conan.


Katsuhiko was Adobted by Mrs. Minagawa after The Death of His parents in Car Accident for 7 Years


He is Very Bad Person Who Doesn't Respect For Himself. He Also Pick Naomichi like this and Hurt Kaori's Feelings.


As Katsuhiko being a Bad Guy. He has close Friends but He never like them.

Kaori Sekiya

Katsuhiko and Kaori are Childhood Friends jus like Shinichi and Ran. Kaori Doesn't like Katsuhiko's Dealing. Katsuhiko always Hurt Kaori's Feelings.

Yoshimi Watanabe

Yoshimi likes Katsuhiko although Being a Bad Guy.


The two met each other. Naomichi always hated Katsuhiko and Naomichi was trying to kill Katsuhiko but failed.

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