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Long summary

The murder case of Masahiro Tanpa continues. Sera wonders why her elder brother knows Conan after that he text-ed her back containing the message "If it's him, there is no problem". Outside, Conan puts Kogorō to sleep to solve the case, which he discovered who the culprit is. He will explain the entire situation before Tanpa's death which he is using Misao Yamamura as his guinea pig in solving the case. After Conan's deduction, Sera points Sunami Masaki as the culprit who have murdered Tanpa. She then explained the entire situation when Sunami killed Tanpa which she explains why she did it. After the case, Sera gets another message from her brother. The message contains: "P.S. have you already met the wizard?", which in Sera's eyes is Conan.

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