Jūzō Megure (目暮 十三, Megure Jūzō) is a police inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and also one of the main characters of the Detective Conan series. Jūzō Megure is a good friend of Shinichi's father Yūsaku Kudō and also evenly of Shinichi self. He was the former mentor of Kogorō Mōri.


Megure and Midori

Megure and Midori.

20 years ago, Inspector Megure was still a freshman at the police. Megure was send on a case to figure out the suspect who could kill the high school student who wore long crimped skirts[1]. Megure met Midori, a member of the girl gang which she wanted to be the bait for the suspect in order to capture him and pay him back for what he did to her friend. Megure wanted to change her mind to stop what she is doing, but Midori hated the police which she didn't wanted to listen to them. Megure then watched over the girl until the the culprit drove over Megure and Midori. Megure remembered the car number of the suspect and could be arrested. Megure was only hit on his head but Midori entire body was injured which she was barely breathing[2]. Later, Midori survived the accident and married Megure[3].

10 years go, Inspector Megure was seen at a murder case and was talking with Yūsaku Kudō after that he told him that he want to remove himself from the case[4].


Megure is a inspector who cares a lot for his underlings but he is a very strict inspector towards them and evenly towards detectives. It is known that he has a very short patience to idiots which has been showed in the time that Kogorō was making a famous entrance. Megure respects peoples who are capable of solving a case very easily, such as Shinichi which he calls numerous times to solve a case. Megure also shows Shinichi's alter ego Conan some respect for being a smart kid that also helps them in solving the cases.

As being known as a very strict police inspector, Megure also shows that the Detective Boys are a nuisance to him, but respects them in solving various ongoing cases. As knowing Kogorō for a very long time and being its former partner, Megure thinks that Kogorō is under some jinx because he thinks that wherever Kogorō shows up, there is always a murder case nearby. Megure also shows that he also love and cares about his wife and mostly asks her in a flirty way to do things for him.


Creation and Concept

The whole name Jūzō Megure comes from the Belgian fictional detective Jules Maigret from the novels of the same name written by Georges Simenon. Maigret was a commissioner of the Paris "Brigade Criminelle" (Direction Régionale de Police Judiciaire de Paris) which he appears in 75 mystery novels and 28 short stories. The Japanese translated name of Jules Maigret is: ジュール・メグレ (Jūru Megure) which can sound familiar with Jūzō Megure. Furthermore, Megure and Maigret have something common in character, both are stocky and a little bit overweight. The meaning of the name Jūzō means literally; "thirteen" but it is mostly used as a pun. The name Megure means "eye, class, look, insight, experience, care, or favor" which comes from the kanji "Me" and "livelihood, make a living, spend time" which comes from the kanji "Gure".


  • Jūzō Megure has minimal knowledge on how to operate computer technology, he even lacks basic skills with using a cellphone. This can be shown quite often as he often asks inspector Takagi to turn these types of phones off for him.
  • Jūzō falls into the habit of letting those who demonstrate great or quick and accurate policing skills in whichever case he may be involved with, take charge whereas he will observe and comentate. Some of the individuals he has let do this consist of: Shinichi, Yusakū, Sleeping Sonoko, and Sleeping Kogoro.


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