Sonoko introduces Makoto to her parents while later she receives a phone call Ran which she calls her about Kaitō Kid. Kaitō Kid made an announcement to steal one of Jirokichi Suzuki jewels which Sonoko calls her uncle about Kaitō Kid. After that Makoto heard from Sonoko's mouth "Kid-sama" he is thinking on a whole different direction. Meanwhile at Jirokichi's mansion, they are talking about Kid's actions in stealing the jewel from Jirokichi named "The Green Emperor" which one of his guards that is heavily beaten up tells Jirokichi that there is a young man trying to talk to him. It turns out that Makoto is beating up Jirokichi's security men. Makoto asks Jirokichi to be one of his guards in order to capture Kid. Jirokichi refuses however which Sonoko calls him which she explains that Makoto is 400 times undefeated in matches which he became suddenly impressed. A video have been send to Ginzo Nakamori about Makoto's karate skills. Kid who is disguised as one of Ginzo's men is suddenly interested in Makoto's skills. At the museum, Makoto is talking with Sonoko's mother while she suddenly ask him to make a bet with her. Sonoko calls Ran to tell her that there will be a showdown between Makoto and Kid, which Kid suddenly appears using a phone jammer disturbing the signal which Kid asks Sonoko to make a bet with him.