Episode 714 of Detective Conan (Case Closed).


Miss Hikaru, the maid of the mansion rushes to Ran and Kazuha and makes them shouting. Conan and Heiji shocked to hear the shout and rushes to the scene. They suspected Miss Hikaru to be the culprit. However, when they arrived, Miss Hikaru is seen eating the gyoza. She said that she is so hungry and eat without Ran's and Kazuha's permission. Heiji and Conan have figured out the trick behind magic mirror where the image of landlord, Mr. Hakuya were seen by Ran and Kazuha. As the investigation goes, Mrs. Kamiyo, lover of Mr Jouhei are found dead due to strangled in the forest near the mansion. Heiji introduces himself as a high school detective to the housemates but this makes his reputation down since they expected him to be a young police officer. Everyone does not follow Heiji's order anymore and back to their rooms.

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