Hatsune Kamon (加門初音, Kamon Hatsune) is the twin-sister of Raita Banba who also should have become her husband. She killed herself after hearing that she and Raita were twins and were forbidden from marrying each other. Due to that she set her car on fire and killed herself.


She and her twin brother were rescued from a hotel fire when they were babies[1]. Their parents were killed by the fire so there was no way of knowing that they were related. They were taken to a church without knowing each other. Later the two started dating each other and she started to think it was strange that the two of them had everything in common and were always able to finish each other's thoughts.


She was a loving and caring woman, who cared deeply about her future husband who turned out to be her twin. She loved him so much that she was in shock when she heard that they were related to each other and she killed herself after she came back from the nail salon. Normally, she was a fun person to get along with most of the time but also was a person who couldn't keep a secret.


Hatsune had dark blonde hair which she placed in a pony tail. She had blue eyes and on the day of her wedding evening, she wore a beige sweater.


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