Please note that this is the Detective Conan Wiki's article on manga/anime. If you are looking for the article on Gosho Aoyama's assistant then you should head to Eiichi Yamagishi.

editEiichi Yamagishi

(山岸栄一, Yamagishi Eiichi)
Gender Gender Male Male
Occupation Yoko Okino's Manager
Voice Actors
English Sonny Strait Icon - Search
Japanese Kazuya Ichijou
Manga Chapter #6
Anime Detective Conan Episode #3
Appears in Anime and Manga

Eiichi Yamagishi (山岸栄一, Yamagishi Eiichi) is Yoko Okino's manager. He first appeared in the suicide murder case of Yoko's ex-boyfriend. He was one of the suspect of the case after his weird behavior and a huge suspect towards Kogoro. He told Fujie to break up with Yoko because of Yoko's music career.


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