Dimensional Sniper
Detective Conan, Movie 18
Detective Conan - Dimensional Sniper poster
Japanese 名探偵コナン 異次元の狙撃手
Translation Meitantei Konan: Ijigen no Sniper
Japanese April 19, 2014
Theme song
Theme "Love Searchlight by Kō Shibasaki"
Movie information
Directed by Kobun Shizuno
Produced by Kazunari Kouchi
Music by Katsuo Ono

Dimensional Sniper (名探偵コナン 異次元の狙撃手, Meitantei Konan: Ijigen no Sniper; Literally meaning "Detective Conan: Sniper From A Different Dimension"), officialy Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper, is the eighteenth Detective Conan movie that is about to be premiered in Japan on April 19, 2014.

The movie has been announced in first issue of Weekly Shōnen Sunday, the magazine the original Detective Conan series is being published[1]. This movie will involve Shūichi Akai, Sera Masumi, Subaru Okiya, and Jodie Starling.

The ending movie theme will be Love Searchlight by Kō Shibasaki.

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The movie resolves about a sniping incident case which a someone was aiming the rifle at the FBI agent Shūichi Akai which Sera was shot in the chest. Peoples of Tokyo are afraid of getting involved in this sniping incident which wonders if Akai, who is presumed to be dead, be the target again of this unknown person, and why was Sera shot in her chest by him.


Major events







  • This will be the first movie that introduces Sera, Akai, Subaru, and Andre Camel.
  • In the only Detective Conan franchise movies, this is the debut for Jodie Starling and James Black.


In other languages

  • Arabic: المحقق كونان: قناص من بعد آخر
  • French: Détective Conan : Le Sniper Dimensionnel
  • Korean: 명탐정 코난: 이차원의 저격수
  • Italian: Detective Conan - Il cecchino da un'altra dimensione
  • Vietnamese: Thám tử Conan: Sát thủ bắn tỉa không tưởng
  • Chinese: 名偵探柯南:異次元的狙擊手

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