After that Kogorō, Tōru and Ran have found a lifeless body inside a suitcase in Kei's apartment, Kogorō received a message from Kei and showing a picture of a knock-out Conan. Ran then contacted Professor Agasa telling that Conan has been kidnapped by Kei and is telling him the entire situation how it happened. Sera then suddenly calls Ran again which she is mad shouting at her why she hung up the phone. Ran then explains the entire situation to Sera. Meanwhile at the professor's house, Haibara came with the idea to track down Conan. Subaru then came in the professor's house hearing the conversation and offers his car because the professor's beetle is out for repairs. Meanwhile, Kogorō, Ran, and Tōru are re-watching the robbery at the bank which they came to discover the truth about Kei and her brother. Meanwhile in the car, Kei cannot contact the three persons which Conan offers her help out to kill the last person which he reveals her true name as: Serena Urikawa.