Template:Website Detective Conan Wiki is a community-driven Detective Conan encyclopedia that is based on the wiki concept, meaning it may be read and edited by anyone. The wiki is owned by Wiki, Inc. meaning that this wikia uses many extesions and functions from the Wikia company. The Detective Conan Wikia focuses on the Detective Conan series that is written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama which inspired also the hit anime of the same name.


The Detective Conan Wiki has a vague background knowing that the wiki is created in April 21, 2008 by an unknown registered user. The wiki has been picked up by Philipp S. and Samuel di Curtisi di Salvadori but the wiki has been abandoned after that. Since August 30, 2010 the wiki has been edited regulary by KidProdigy formerly known as ProGamerP9 and since September 14, 2010 KidProdigy adopted this wiki and started to contribute regulary leaving the wiki sometimes absent.

The Detective Conan Wiki was formerly known as Case closed wiki but the name has been changed because of the series originally name as Detective Conan.


Detective Conan World

This wiki is sometimes victim of fans from the Detective Conan World which is considered a wiki with the most information about the Detective Conan series. The Detective Conan Wiki do have respect for their contributors, but numerous times there are contributors who are taking their content and place them at this wiki or adding their link and contributing there rather than contributing here. Once, there was a contributor from their wiki who have taken the entire information from the Detective Conan Wikia to the Detective Conan World, which Detective Conan Wiki did not allow them to have the information because the content are totaly the same. The administrator have been talking to each other about a solution and worked things out with each other. After the incident, Detective Conan Wikia still have respect for the Detective Conan World Wiki as being both motivated to achieve to become a number one source of the Detective Conan series.


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