This wikia is under heavy reconstruction and will continue to be until the end of 2017. So expect certain pages to completely change during this time.

  • The grey and white color scheme has been changed.
  • The Episode list is now completely updated, though there still isn't a page for each episode.
  • The Chapter/volume list is half complete and should be finished soon now that the table is figured out.
  • The new updated template for episode pages has been made and are underway to being implemented upon all pages.
  • The new updated template for Character pages has been made and are underway to being implemented upon all pages.
  • The page with cases will become the next page after the chapter/volume list to be revamped and will look similar.

Expect dozens if not more future changes after these. Any help or feedback would be great. Though do note we will not accept anything that is just copied from other websites as we are not other websites, especially the DetectiveConanWorld since it seems most people want to copy from there.

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