Template:Beika City Map The Detective Conan series has been set in a combination of real locations in Japan and fictional locations based from the detective novels that influenced the series. The series has been located in the east of Japan in the metropolis and capital city of Japan, Tokyo. The locations where the characters live is named Template:Translation. Beika City has been divided in two towns, which one is named Beika City itself while the other one is called: Template:Translation. The location Beika is located at the left of the fictional city and Haido is located at the right side of the city.


Many locations has been based by fictional detectives that where a big influence to the Detective Conan series. Beika City is named after Sherlock Holmes flat, Baker Street, while Haido City was named after a park he and Dr. John H. Watson where walking through, the London Hyde Park[1]. Also the café where Kogorō always goes to is named after Dame Agatha Christie's other famous detective Hercule Poirot, which is named as Café Poirot. Evenly so, many kinds of different locations around Beika City has been influenced from the names of famous detectives.

Locations and Places

Beika Town

Template:Translation is a fictional city based in the eastern part of Tokyo. Beika City has a huge resemblance to Tokyo, evenly having the city's monument the Tokyo Tower which is named the Template:Translation which has the same meaning as Tokyo with also the same meaning, but then "East Capital". Beika contains many characters from the Detective Conan series. Shinichi, Ran, Kogorō, Professor Agasa, etc. lives all in the capital. Beika City neighboring Haidō City on the eastern part of Beika.

Kudō Family Residence


It is the house of the Kudō Family and also known as a old creepy mansion. Shinichi lived in the mansion after that his mother and father left him[2] to go to the US because of his father getting a lot of pressure from his homeland[3]. It is the current resident of Subaru Okiya after he got permission from Conan Edogawa[4]. Inside of the mansion, there is a huge library of mystery novels from all around the world, evenly containing master pieces of the "Night Baron" from Shinichi's father. The Kudō Mansion has been located in Beika City Beika Town, District 2, Block 21 according to the Japanese addressing code. The district and block has probably been numbered after Sherlock Holmes apartment number, Baker Street 221B.

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