See also: List of Detective Conan Volumes Each volume that has been published by Shogakukan from the Detective Conan series contains a Detective Conan Keyhole Character on the back cover of each volume. Each volume represents a character from a important chapter or whenever Gosho Aoyama feels like creating a keyhole character from a chapter which came out a long time ago.

List of Detective Conan Keyhole Characters

Volume Character
Volume 1 (名探偵コナン1巻, Meitantei Konan 1-kan) Shinichi Kudō (工藤 新一, Kudō Shin'ichi)
Volume 2 (名探偵コナン2巻, Meitantei Konan 2-kan) Ran Mōri (毛利 蘭, Mōri Ran)
Volume 3 (名探偵コナン3巻, Meitantei Konan 3-kan) Kogorō Mōri (毛利 小五郎, Kogorō Mōri)
Volume 4 (名探偵コナン4巻, Meitantei Konan 4-kan) Jūzō Megure (目暮 十三, Megure Jūzō)
Volume 5 (名探偵コナン5巻, Meitantei Konan 5-kan) Hiroshi Agasa (阿笠 博士, Agasa Hiroshi)
Volume 6 (名探偵コナン6巻, Meitantei Konan 6-kan) Ayumi Yoshida (吉田 歩美, Yoshida Ayumi)

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