Dan Mitsuishi (光石ダン, Mitsuishi Dan) is a character from the Magic Kaitō manga and anime series. He tried to sell his fathers jewellery that Ruby's Father had created for him which was meant for his wife. He became targeted by Chat Noir after showing the jewellery after 30 years. Each kind of jewel has been stolen after Dan found a buyer for them.


Dan is a very nice person, but when something precious is stolen from him he doesn't think clear and gives the wrong ideals. Dan is also a person who is prepared on something that might happen but has not the idea how a master thief would take it from them. Dan has a big hatred against Chat Noir due for cutting his wife's hair to get the jewellery back.


Dan has light brown hair with a curl that has showed on his head and a light brown moustache. He mostly is closing his eyes wearing a yellow shirt and black jacket.


  • Mitsuishi (光石) means "Shining Stone" in Japanese.