Three weeks after the events on a luxurious cruise ship, Ran obtained a letter from Natsue Hatamoto. Natsue wrote in that letter that she is thanking them and that everyone of the Hatamoto family has been recovered from the shock. She also said that she and Takeshi have been renounced the inheritance from the elder of the Hatamoto Family which they started a new life together at the pastures of Hokkaido. Natsue also added a picture of her and Takashi which Natsue closed the letter towards Ran which said that Natsue gives her best regards to Ran's boyfriend. Ran wonders what have happened to Shinichi, Conan tells Ran that Shinichi is having a hard time solving the case. Ran tells Conan that it is unlike Shinichi to keep busy with a case for too long which she started to think that Shinichi have become dumber. A man started to ring at the home of Ran arrived at the door with presents. The man started to talk to Kogorō after that he helped Ran and Conan to clean the presents. The man explains about some weird events that are happening to him. After that Kogorō gets some support from Conan, Ran starts to think that Conan might actually be Shinichi.