Criminal Tracking Glasses

Criminal Tracking Glasses
Manga Chapter #13
Anime Detective Conan Episode #13
Movie Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
Kanji 犯人追跡メガネ
Rōmaji Hannin Tsuiseki Megane
Creator Hiroshi Agasa
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Telescopic Lenses


  • Conan Edogawa
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Criminal Tracking Glasses (犯人追跡メガネ, Hannin Tsuiseki Megane) is a gadget created by Hiroshi Agasa special created for Conan Edogawa to track down criminals that are running away after their sins. Agasa also created a add-on feature on the glasses of Conan naming Telescopic Lenses, which he can see in the dark.


These glasses are using a radar that is seen on the left side of Conan's glasses. The radar can track down criminals within 20km radius and evenly known that it can track down the Detective Boys badges[1].

To activate the tracking glasses, Conan should click on a small button that is on the left side of the glasses, which extends a antenna and turns the main screen on, displayed on the left lens with North, South, East, and West compass directions at the edges. Anyway to go along with the glasses, Agasa gave Conan a small sticker-like transmitters that resembles the yellow button on Conan's jacket. After he put the sticker on something, he can see the movements of any person who has it, evenly if they are hiding their self.


  1. Detective Conan Manga; Chapter 82, page 4

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