After the events on the Belltree Express, Conan is seen talking with Haibara and Professor Agasa about what happened at there. After that, Conan, Ran, Sonoko, and Kogorō are heading to the tennis court. Kogorō have stated that he got them a special coach. Once arrived there, Conan is shocked to see Amuro there. Conan is still in shock seeing Amuro, which Ran warns him about that the balls are dangerous which he tells her that it is not the balls who are dangerous, which Conan was about to tell Ran something else, Amuro sees a tennis racket that is flying towards Conan, which Amuro warns him to look out but it hits Conan which seems to hurt him badly. When Conan is about to faint, he warns Ran to stay away from Amuro, but that is only said in his toughs. Later, the doctor then appeared to research Conan. Later, Conan is sleeping, while Ran and Sonoko is bringing him food. Conan then wakes up hearing a sound of something that has been fallen down. Once that other members of the tennis court are searching for Saburō Ishiguri. After founding, he locked his room, which Amuro opens the room which Conan tels him not to open the door. Conan tells him that he a body blocked the door, which turned out to be Ishiguri. Sango Yokomizo have been appeared in the tennis court to inspect the body of Ishiguri. Sango thinks that it is suicide, which Conan thinks that it is murder. Conan then believes that one of the three other members of the tennis court is responsible for Ishiguri's death.

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