Conan Drill

The book's cover.

The Conan Drill: Decipherment of The CONAN (コナンドリル, Decipherment of The CONAN?) is the first character book of the supplementary guidebooks on the Detective Conan series authored by Gosho Aoyama.

It has been published on May 1st, 2003 and has a original cost of 1,800円 containing 336 pages. It shows complete profiles and file descriptions from the beginning of the series up to around the Vermouth arc. Also includes relationship analysis and a fold out map of Beika. It's ISBN is 4-09-179402-5.


This book contains the data of several character, their ages, their blood types, their manga appearance, their relationship with other characters on which school they currently are, which class they are in. This book also contains a full map of Beika City, and shows the cases that has been showed from the beginning until the arc of Vermouth and also the introductions of several characters in the series. There was also a interview with Gōshō Aoyama during the nighttime.

Featured Characters

  1. Conan Edogawa (p. 38-40)
    1. Shinichi Kudō (p. 41-43)
  2. Ran Mōri (p. 44-45)
  3. Ai Haibara (p. 49-50)
    1. Shiho Miyano/Sherry (p. 51)
  4. Hiroshi Agasa (p. 52)
  5. Genta Kojima (p. 52)
  6. Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (p. 53)
  7. Ayumi Yoshida (p. 54)
  8. Sonoko Suzuki (p. 55)
  9. Makoto Kyōgoku (p. 55)
  10. Heiji Hattori (p. 56)
  11. Kazuha Tōyama (p. 57)
  12. Yūsaku Kudō (p. 58)
  13. Yukiko Kudō (p. 58)
  14. Kogorō Mōri (p. 59)
  15. Eri Kisaki (p. 60)
  16. Jyūzō Megure (p. 63)
  17. Satō Miwako (p. 63)
  18. Wataru Takagi (p. 63)
  19. Ninzaburō Shiratori (p. 64)
  20. Jinpei Matsuda (p. 64)
  21. Sango Yokomizo (p. 64)
  22. Heizō Hattori (p. 65)
  23. Shizuka Hattori (p. 65)
  24. Inspector Tōyama (p. 65)
  25. Jody Saintemilion (p. 66)
  26. Shūichi Akai (p. 66)
  27. James Black (p. 66)
  28. Gin (p. 67)
  29. Vodka (p. 67)
  30. Sharon Vineyard/Vermouth (p. 68)

Map of Beika City

Template:Main There are also locations listed in the character book. Beika City has a seperate article where you can look at the locations.

Dr. Hiroshi Agasa Inventions Outline List

Here is a list of several inventions Professor Agasa has created. The gadgets has been listed on page 173.

  1. Voice-Changing Bowtie
  2. Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes
  3. Criminal Tracking Glasses
  4. Elasticity Suspenders
  5. Stun-Gun Wristwatch
  6. Detective Boys Badge
  7. Portable Bentou Box Fax
  8. Turbo Engine Skateboard
  9. Button Speaker
  10. Earring Cellphone
  11. Wristwatch Flashlight
  12. Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt


  • It is still unknown if there will be a second character book, that will show the ages and blood types of other characters mentioned after the Vermouth arc.