Conan Disappears Over a Cliff ~ Part 1
Detective Conan, Episode 869 (S25E91)
Conan Disappears Over a Cliff - -Part 1-
Japanese 断崖に消えたコナン(前編)
Translation Dangai ni Kieta Conan (Zenpen)
Production information
Screenplay N/A
Storyboard N/A
Production N/A
Directed by N/A
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast August 05, 2017
English broadcast N/A
The date "N/A" was not understood.
Music information
Opening Lie, Lie, Lie,
Ending theme Yume Monogatari
Episode information
Next Conan's Hint Family photo
Next Kaitō Magic Trick N/A
Episode nr. N/A
DVD volume N/A
File N/A
Episode chronology
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The Whistling Bookstore
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Conan Disappears Over a Cliff - [Part 2]
Episode 869 of Detective Conan (Case Closed), also the 345th filler episode of the series.


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