Shiho reveals her codename

Shiho reveals her codename.

Template:Translation or code name, and code names are names used in the Detective Conan world to hide the true identity of the person who uses it or a entire organization or sect, such as the Black Organization. Their code names are based on alcohols. Somehow, pseudonym is also used in the series, however, code names and pseudonym are not the same. A code name is a known name by a secret society, sect or organization while a pseudonym is a fake name for a alter-ego of a person which is known by the community the person lives in or evenly to strangers. Pseudonyms are used by Shinichi Kudō which his is "Conan Edogawa" and Shiho Miyano which is "Ai Haibara" a name chosen by Hiroshi Agasa. However, Shiho used both a code name and a pseudonym. Shiho's code name is known as Sherry.