Chikafumi Usuda (薄田周史, Usuda Chikafumi)





Cocktail of Sorrow

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Chikafumi talks about Yoshikuwa

Chikafumi talks about Chikafumi.

He was making a picture with employee with a analogue camera which the film became full. Chikafumi was prepared and asked if they got a extra spare as he told them to do which they did. Once Kansaku Hatsumura told Chikafumi that using a analogue camera is bothersome these days, Chikafumi responds saying that he hates all those digital stuff which he starts to talk about his previous employee that hung himself accordingly to him that he was lost in the digital world. Afterwards, he then stries to flirt with Mika Kishiura but she refuses a offer from him. His other two employees then bought them the items he asked for which turn out to be for him birthday presents. He then sees that the pool table became free which he asked them to go pooling which he can use his new cue.

Afterwards, Chikafumi fell asleep which his three employees are making gossips about him turning that Chikafumi obtained very expansive gifts from them. After that Monpei Kogure have messed up with the champagne which came all over Chikafumi, Mika tries to wake him up, but it in the end, it turned out that he has died.

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