Detective Conan: Fantasy of Remembrance

Mirapolis Investigation

Detective Conan: Fantasy of Remembrance (名探偵コナン 追憶の幻想(ミラージュ), Meitantei Conan: Tsuioku no Gensō)

Video game info
Playable on Wii
Release Date
Japanese May 17, 2007
English May 1, 2009
Case Closed The Mirapolis Investigation

Cover of the manual.

Case Closed:The Mirapolis Investigation (名探偵コナン 追憶の幻想(ミラージュ), Meitantei Conan: Tsuioku no Gensō; Literally meaning "Detective Conan: Fantasy of Remembrance") is a video game and the first Detective Conan video game released for the Wii that has been released in English. There is a second version of the game that serves as the manual of the original video game. You can play as the main character, Conan Edogawa in the game which can be controlled by a control stick on the nunchuck or he can be moved by the directional pad on the Wii remote.


The game contains the characters: Conan Edogawa, Ran, Kogorō and the members of the Detective Boys. They are invited to the opening of the new hotel: "The Mirapolis", but at the first day someone has been murdered. You as Conan must solve the case and figure out who did it.

Playable characters

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