Boku ga iru

Boku ga iru ~ TV Anime "Detective Conan" Image Song Album.

Boku ga iru ~ TV Anime "Detective Conan" Image Song Album is somehow singing on one of the soundtracks used for the anime series for "Detective Conan". The Album has been singed be Iori and Minami Takayama. The album has been released on released October 22, 1997 for 3,059円.


  1. Boku Ga Iru (ぼくがいる; Literally meaning "I'm Here").
  2. I've Met a Good Person (いいひとに逢えたね, Ii hito ni aeta ne)
  3. The Mystery is Calling Us (ナゾが僕らを呼んでいる, Nazo ga bokura o yondeiru)
  4. If I Close My Eyes (瞳を閉じれば, Hitomi o tojireba)
  5. The Road Stars Walked On (ホシが歩いた道を, Hoshi ga aruita michi o)
  6. Memories (想い出たち, Omoidetachi)
  7. I Must Do This (やるっきゃないのさ, Yarukkyanainosa)
  8. I'm Feeling You (あなたを感じてる, Anata wo kanjiteru)
  9. If You're There (キミがいれば, KIMI ga ireba)

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