Black Star

The Black Star.

Black Star (漆黒の星 (ブラックスター), Burakku Sutā; Literally meaning "Jet Black Star") is one of the most treasured items of the Suzuki household. The Black Star is the world's largest black pearl. According to Shirō Suzuki, the Black Star have been purchased by his grandfather which the Suzuki household has been walking down the path of prosperity which the entire family also it's former generations seeing it as their good luck charm. It was also the first valuable item Kaitō Kid tried to have in his hands, which the pearl was heavily guarded with more than a hundred police men and more than ten helicopters around the area were the pearl is located or were Kid should or could strike. Tomoko Suzuki the mother of Sonoko Suzuki came with a plan to give every guest by entering the ship a replica of the item, but Kid easily saw through her trick and succeeded in stealing the item, however, Kid got stopped by Conan after sawing through his disguise which he handed over the Black Star.

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