The Black Organization

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The Black Organization (黒の組織, Kuro no Soshiki)

  • Kuro-zukume (黒ずくめ; Literally meaning "Dressed in Black")
Manga Chapter #1
Anime Detective Conan Episode #1
Movie Countdown to Heaven
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game and Movie
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Black Organization (黒の組織, Kuro no Soshiki) mostly shorted as BO, is a secret criminal organization and main antagonists of the Detective Conan series. The organization is known for their numerous crimes committed from blackmail to robberies to assassinations.

The code names of each member of the organization is based on alcoholic beverages. The organization is also the main source of the APTX 4869 which got used against Shinichi and used by Shiho Miyano when she escaped from the organization.

The boss of the organization is unseen and unknown, which he only contacts his members through text messages. The boss phone number follows the tune of the children song Nanatsu no Ko (七つの子; Literally meaning "Seven Children") which is known to be as; #969#6261.


The organization's main goal is currently unknown. hat is known is that they are recruiting talent in biochemistry and computer science and funding research using the proceeds from their crime. Currently, the only sources of information Conan can rely on to learn the true intentions behind the Organization are former agent Sherry, the CIA's undercover member Kir, and Black Organization related cases. It is known the Organization has involvement with computer viruses (Night Baron); however, the main purpose of their computer science research may be something other than virii and related to their biochemistry research. Whatever it is, it prompted the coerced programmer Suguru Itakura to say that he didn’t want to complete his program “for the sake of humanity”.



  • Anokata (あの方; Literally meaning "That Person"): The boss of the organization. The identity, gender, age, and location are all unknown; only a few things about Anokata is known. He is respectfully referred to as "that person" (ano kata) by lower ranked members of the Black Organization.
  • Gin (ジン, Jin): A high ranked member of the organization. He seems to be specialized in deals and assassination, having long silver hair and a large black coat. His favorite car is the Porsche 356A, which he also has one. He is the one who gave Shinichi the APTX 4869 drug.
  • Vodka (ウォッカ, Wokka): is Gin's secretary and assistant, he is another frequently reoccurring Black Organization character. Vodka has a muscular appearance, a black hat and sunglasses that he is wearing all the time. He is less intelligent that Gin, which mostly sees how he is working. He is calling Gin most of the time "Aniki" (兄貴; Literally meaning "Brother").
  • Vermouth (ベルモット, Berumotto) (Sharon Vineyard (シャロン・ヴィンヤード, Sharon Binyādo) and Chris Vineyard (クリス・ヴィンヤード, Kurisu Binyādo)): is a mysterious actress from America and with exceptional disguise and voice changing abilities that allow her to pose as anyone. Like Gin, she is a Black Organization executive member. Various members of the organization hates her because she is the boss favorite. She can do anything and nobody can do something to her. She calls Conan the "Silver Bullet" and knows that he is the one that can stop the organization. Vermouth also knows the secret identity of Conan and Ai Haibara. She also does not seem to age.