Beika Art Museum

Beika Art Museum.

Beika Art Museum (米花美術館, Beika Bijutsukan) is a museum specialized in art from over the centuries of the world that is located in Beika Town. Originally, the museum should be a hotel created by Mr. Manaka and wanted to sell each and everything around the museum. The previous owner's company went bankrupt when the economic bubble burst which he had to sell it to the current which is now Mr. Manaka which he also promised to keep the museum open but it is a lie. The Beika Art Museum became a spot of murder after that the curator, Mr. Ochiai murdered Mr. Manaka because of the selfish needs of Mr. Manaka himself. Known is that the museum has been over a 50 years in existence in Beika Town. After the event, the community relied to save the Beika Art Museum after what it's true purpose was, which the Beika Art Museum stays open instead to be turned into a hotel.


The Heaven Gallery

Heaven Gallery

Heaven Gallery.

Heaven Gallery (天空の間, Tenkū no Ma; Literally meaning "Between the Skies") is a room at the Beika Art Museum containing more about religious art, such as, the popular arts of the Greek gods which there are a multiple statues of their gods. It contains also art of the gods that peoples admires around the years. The gods doesn't have to be human, but there are animals such as more the animals that have been along the gods sides.

The Land Gallery

Land Gallery

Land Gallery.

Land Gallery (大地の間, Daichi no Ma) is a art gallery located at the Beika Art Museum. This gallery contains the history of Japanese and foreign art. This has more to do with archaeology, which many of old vase has been displayed at the museum, and also the old European crown has also been displayed at the gallery.

The Sea Gallery

Sea Gallery

Sea Gallery.

Sea Gallery (海原の間, Unabara no Ma; Literally meaning "Between the Ocean") is a art gallery located at the Beika Art Museum. This gallery contains myths about the sea which has also been related to the Greek history. This gallery has more to do about the European styled ocean adventures created by the European ancestors around that time.

The Hell Gallery

Hell Gallery

Hell Gallery.

Hell Gallery (地獄の間, Jigoku no Ma; Literally meaning "Between Hell") is a art gallery located at the Beika Art Museum. This art gallery contains more about the brave heroes who defeated the demons, but there are also art of demon itself. This place has the famed giant art painting: "The Wrath of Heaven" which the story of the painting is:

"The Knight of Justice did indeed slay the demon, but was splattered with the evil blood and eventually turned evil himself."

It became also a murder location which brought to the death of Mr. Manaka which he has been brutally murdered by Mr. Ochia which Mr. Manaka's death resembles the large famed painting: "The Wrath of Heaven".


  • The kanji's "中世美術展" means literally "Medieval Art Exhibition".

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