Ayumi Yoshida (吉田 歩美, Yoshida Ayumi; English TV "Amy Yeager") is a character of the Detective Conan and a member of the Detective Boys. Ayumi is a school kid of the Teitan Elementary School being the classmate of Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudō), Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Genta Kojima and Ai Haibara (Shiho Miyano).


Ayumi acts more as a cheerful spirit of the team, she shows courage from time to time and even has an open crush on Conan which makes Genta and Mitsuhiko jealous. When Ai Haibara came in the group, she noticed that Conan and Haibara has been talking to each other in private and seeing that Conan protects Ai Haibara most of time which she thinks that Conan might have a crush on Ai Haibara. Later, she and Ai became good friends which she called Ai Haibara mostly "Ai-chan" in the Japanese version of the anime and manga. Ayumi often makes really simple observations that allows its progress and resolution.


Ayumi has short hair, having some hair points sticking out on the side of her face. Furthermore, she has blue eyes and brown hair.


Ayumi is born as the only child living with her father and mother and is a student at the Teitan Elementary School and was the one who came up with the idea to investigate the haunted mansion. After that they went to the mansion, the foursome decided to stay together and becomes the Detective Boys. Ayumi was first the only female member of the Detective Boys until Ai Haibara came and joined the group.


Main article: Ayumi Yoshida's Relationships

Ayumi have seen not to make many friends in the series. She was only been seen with the other members of the Detective Boys. She does developed a friendship with Ai Haibara and other friends of Conan. She is often friendly to her friends and other people.

Appearance in Other Media

A Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudō: Prologue Until Goodbye

She appeared in a 2006 TV Drama based on a novel of the series, but as a cameo character instead of one of the main protagonists.


  • "Ayumi" (歩美) means "beautiful step" in Japanese.



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