Ayumi's Kidnapping Case
Detective Conan, Episode 12 (S01E13)
Kidnapped Amy - -English-
Japanese 歩美ちゃん誘拐事件
Translation Ayumi-chan Yūkai Jiken
Production information
Screenplay Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard Hirohito Ochi
Production Kenji Kodama
Directed by Haruo Ogawara
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast April 15, 1996

June 29, 2009 (Remastered)

English broadcast June 14, 2004
Other airdates N/A
Music information
Opening Mune ga Dokidoki
Ending theme STEP BY STEP
Episode information
Next Conan's Hint School festival

Skateboard (Remastered)

Next Kaitō Magic Trick N/A
Episode nr. 1
DVD volume 4
File 81, 82, 83
Episode chronology
← Previous Episode
Moonlight Sonata Murder Case ~ Part 2
Next Episode →
The Strange Person Finding Murder Case

Ayumi's Kidnapping Case (歩美ちゃん誘拐事件, Ayumi-chan Yūkai Jiken; English TV "Kidnapped: Amy") is the twelfth episode of the Detective Conan / Case Closed animated series based from the manga of Gosho Aoyama.


Long summary

Characters in order of appearance


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