Asami Tsuburaya (円谷 朝美, Tsuburaya Asami) is a character of the Detective Conan series. She is Mitsuhiko's sister that has a very strange personality.


Asami is a very cheerful and enthusiastic person when things are getting too excited. She likes several TV-drama's as known that she didn't even worry about Mitsuhiko when he disappeared saying that it looks like a TV-drama. Asami is interested in some idols which she asks Mitsuhiko to get an autograph of one. Raised by parents that are strict about polite speech, she address her mother as "Okaa-sama" instead of "Okaa-san".


She has the same appearance as Mitsuhiko, except she has short brown hair as the same style as many female characters of the series. She has short brown hair and small blue eyes. She is mostly seen with a crimson shirt and white pants.

Creation and Concept

Her name comes from Yasuo Uchida (内田康夫, Uchida Yasuo) reporter character Mitsuhiko Asami (浅見 光彦, Asami Mitsuhiko). But is written with a different kanji which Asami's kanji name is "朝美" instead of "浅見". Her name means literally "Morning Beauty".


  • She and Mitsuhiko shares the same seiyū, Ikue Ōtani.