Anokata (あの方, A no Kata; Literally meaning "That Person") is a mysterious figure of the Detective Conan series and also the leader of the vicious Black Organization. It is not known what his identity is in the series. He is mostly known throughout text-messaging which his phone number is #969#6261 which makes the same sound resemblance on the song Nanatsu no Ko.


Evenly that there is nothing known about him, but there are things noticed about him. He is extremely careful, which he thinks that he will ruin a plan by over thinking it according to Vermouth[1]. It is known that Vermouth is his favorite which he/she allows her some degree of independence.


  • Gosho Aoyama said that the name of the boss has appeared somewhere in the manga, but it is not known if the boss himself made a appearance in person.
  • Minami Takayama, the ex-wife of Gosho Aoyama knows the secret identity of the Black Organization boss.
  • Gosho Aoyama never expected that his series would run longer than three months, it can be possible that the name of the boss has been said in the early chapters of the series.
  • Black Organization is not the real name of the organization, it is a name created for referencing their way they dress. It is known that the organization's formal name gives away the boss' name.


  1. Detective Conan Manga; Chapter 704, page 11

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