The Boss of the Black Organization, respectfully called Ano Kata (あの方, That Person) by his/her subordinates, is an antagonist in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


The Boss appears to be the highest ranking member of the Black Organization who direct the syndicate's activities and plan its crimes to protect the Black Organization and advance its interests. The Boss of the Black Organization only communicates with his/her subordinates through text messages with the number #969#6261, which follows the tune of the Children Song Nanatsu No Kono (七つの子, Seven Children). The Boss is also responsible for promoting Black Organization Agents and deciding on their Black Organization Codenames.


Character Nature

The Boss appears to be fairly ruthless, willing to dispatch Executive Agents like Pisco who had been loyal to the Black Organization for many years for a single mistake. The Boss of the Black Organization is also described to be overly cautious by Vermouth.

Somehow, the Boss can maintain loyalty and unity within the Black Organization despite many agents disliking or even outright wishing to murder certain others.

The Boss of the Black Organization is also known to give permission to certain Black Organization Agents who wish to pursue certain missions, such as Bourbon and Vermouth's plan to confirm Shuichi Akai's death.

The Boss appears to be especially close to Vermouth, who is described as "That Person's Favorite", to the point of giving her limited independence and protecting her from other Black Organization Agents who hates, mistrusts and wishes to kill her.

In addition, the Boss is also close to Gin, who often acts as an intermediary between the Boss and other Black Organization Agents. Gin usually takes the leader planning role in missions that the Boss has ordered.

Furthermore, the Boss is known to be close to Rum, dubbed as "That Person's Close Adviser" and the Second-In-Command of the Black Organization.

Canon Plot Overview

Conan Arc

Bullet-Train Bombing

  • Conan Edogawa encounters Gin and Vodka on a Bullet Train to Kyoto and follows them to the dining car, thinking that they may be meeting the Boss of the Black Organization.

Sherry Arc

The Girl From The Black Organization

  • The Boss orders the execution of Shiho Miyano after she boycotted the development of APTX 4869 and rebelled against the Black Organization. Before she could be even executed, Shiho manages to escape and the Boss presumably ordered the Black Organization to hunt her down and murder her.

Vermouth Arc

Reunion With The Black Organization

  • The Boss of the Black Organization orders Gin to execute Pisco for being photograpped while performing an assassination. The Black Organization then burns Pisco's Mansion the following day to remove any evidence of him being associated with the Black Organization.

Head-To-Head Match With The Black Organization

  • Vermouth had been secretly executing a plan to murder Shiho Miyano without the Black Organization's knowledge. With Vermouth continuing to act suspicious, Gin and Vodka were ordered to investigate. Gin then tells Vodka not to hold back even though Vermouth is "That Person's Favorite" and despite the fact that they do not have the Boss' permission to kill her.
  • The Boss of the Black Organization recalls Vermouth by sending her a text message, informing her that her freedom was now being restricted and she was to return. When Vermouth replied back, Conan Edogawa noticed the sound of the keypresses of the Boss' Cell Phone Number sounded familiar.

Boss' Cell Phone Number Arc

Big Adventure In The Eccentric Mansion

  • Conan Edogawa uncovers the fact that the keypresses of the Boss' Cell Phone Number sounded similar the beginning of the Children Song Nanatsu No Ko (七つの子, Seven Children). With this info at hand, Conan deduces that the Boss' Cell Phone Number is #969#6261.

Kir Arc

Black Impact! The Moment Of The Black Organization Reaches Out

  • The Boss of the Black Organization orders the assassination of Yasuteru Domon , a politician hard on crime, hoping to get rid of a potential obstacle since Yasuteru has a chance of becoming the next Prime Minister.
  • When Gin learns that the Black Organization Member Kir was captured and that a tracking device was planted on her shoe, he asks the Boss for permission to assassinate the last person to stay at Kir's Apartment, which appears to be Kogoro Mouri.
  • The Boss of the Black Organization grants Gin permission to kill Kogoro and leave Yasuteru for a while, however, their assassination failed due to Shuichi Akai 's intervention.
  • Shuichi Akai's attack made it appear that it was really the FBI who captured Kir and planted the tracking device on her, which was originally planted by Conan Edogawa after his tracking device fell on the ground and was accidentally stepped by Kir.
  • Yasuteru then coincidentally gives up for running as Prime Minister as well, making his assassination unnecessary.

The Shadow Of The Black Organization

Clash of Red & Black

Bourbon Arc

The Crisis Beckoned By The Red Omen

Non-Canon Plot Overview


The Raven Chaser


Time Travel Of The Silver Sky

Special Manga

The Black Organization Revealed



Saizo Kano

  • Saizo Kano, the Leader of a Group of Robbers who supposedly died 20 years ago, is a potential candidate for being the Boss of the Black Organization.

  • Saizo Kano, dubbed as the "Organizer In The Shadows", was murdered by his accomplices 20 years ago but his corpse was never found. Saizo Kano's appearance was only shown as a silhouette in his manga and anime debut.

Renya Karasuma

  • Renya Karasuma, a rich and powerful man who supposedly died 40 years ago, is a potential candidate for being the Boss of the Black Organization.

  • Renya Karasuma, known to be the most powerful person in Japan, died at the age of 99 with his legacy unknown. Renya Karasuma's appearance was only shown as a silhouette in his manga and anime debut.




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