Template:See also A list of many differences that has been made in the anime series when the original concept had been adopted. Many things in the anime has changed from the manga, and here is a list what has been changed or what else has been done in the animation series.


  • In the manga, Kogorō has been mentioned during a conversation between Shinichi and Ran[1]. In the anime he has been mentioned and had his first appearance[2].
  • In the manga, Professor Agasa, Genta Kojima, Ayumi Yoshida, and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya were never been introduced in the beginning of the manga[3]. In the anime they where been introduced[2].
  • In the manga, the pearl's string switching was never showed[3]. In the anime the pearl's string switching was showed before the murder has been set in the roller coaster [2].
  • In the manga, Shinichi was telling his story to the Tropical Land security about what happened[4]. In the anime, he was running away when one of the security guards where been reporting it to his co-workers[5].
  • In the manga, Shinichi discovered his shrunken form after telling his story to the police[6]
  • In the manga, Shinichi has been chased by dogs after he got away from the Tropical Land hospital[7]. In the anime, Shinichi run away freely without anyone chasing him[5]
  • In the manga, Shinichi got almost been hit by a truck on his way walking home[8]. In the anime, It never actually happened[5].
  • In the manga, Shinichi got found out by Ran when Ran said growing up around detective books will turn him detective crazy which Shinichi responded to tell her to shut up, he found the glasses from his father by coincidence[9]. In the anime, he took his fathers glasses which it was to heavy for him to see with it and bump his head to his fathers office[5].


  • In the manga, Kogorō was rushing of the stairs and fall hard with his face to the ground which he was wounded[10]. In the anime, he was seeing to trip but roll himself up which he didn't wound himself[5].
  • In the manga, when Kishida was decapitated, blood was been flowing upwards[11], in the anime, it shows that shiny glow to avoid the heavy blood which is mostly uses in horror anime or manga that contains heavy blood violence[2].
  • In the manga, when Conan has been attacked by Akiko's kidnapper, he was badly injured[12], In the anime there where only scratches instead of blood[5].


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