Akiyoshi Fujie (藤江明義, Fujie Akiyoshi) is character from the Detective Conan series and was also the ex-boyfriend of current Japanese idol Yōko Okino[1].


He and Yōko were students of the Konan High School before Yōko was a idol[1]. The two had a relationship with each other which went well. When Yōko got a manager named Yamagishi, he told Fujie to break up with Yōko for her career[2], which he did. Later he decided that he want to take Yōko away from being a idol and that they could live with each other[3]. After that Yūko stole the key from Yōko, he followed Yūko thinking that she was Yōko due to the same hairstyle they have from the back[3]. When Yūko panicked and got away from him, he misunderstood that it was Yōko and killed himself to avenge Yōko which can make huge trouble of her career as a idol.


Nothing is known about his personality, but it seemed that he was a loving man who deeply cares about Yōko and not her status as a idol.


Known is that Fujie has black short hairstyle been set sidewards. He has a chubby face and is somewhat a little thick.


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