editAkira Hirota

Akira Hirota
Aaron Hamlin (広田明, Hirota Akira)
Gender Gender Male Male
Age 28 (Deceased)
Height 190 cm
1.9 m
6.234 ft
74.803 in
Voice Actors
English Aaron Hatch
Japanese Hideaki Tezuka
Manga Chapter #14
Anime Detective Conan Episode #13
Appears in Anime and Manga

Akira Hirota (広田明, Hirota Akira) was one of the members of the bank robbery of 1 billion yen. He hired a detective to search for Kenzō Hirota because he ran away with the money. He killed him by strangling because he went overboard. Akira took all of the money, but was killed by the Black Organization throughout Akemi Miyano, known was that she was putting a sleeping pill in his drink which that was what she was thinking, but it turned out to be poison that she obtained from Gin, which he got killed with it.

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