Akiko's Father (谷晶子の父, Akiko no Fu) is the father of Akiko Tani and the president of an unknown game company.


Akiko's father has a very thick black mustache, with a little bit of a gap in the middle of it, and shaggy black hair. He is only seen wearing a gray business suit, with a dark blue tie.


Not much is shown of Akiko's father's personality, but it can be said that he genuinely cares for his daughter, and although he has a major company to run, he seems to want to spend time with her.


The Kidnapping of the Company President's Daughter Case

Main article: The Kidnapping of the Company President's Daughter Case Akiko's father is first seen at his house, where he had hired the private inspector Kogorō Mōri, to try and find his kidnapped daughter, calling his butler who had given him a detailed account being the only one who had saw the kidnapping, asking for 3 million yen. They had come to the conclusion that this was the work of a rival company. Conan figures out that it was actually Aso and leads Kogoro to eventually figures it out as well. Akiko's Father then demands for Aso to take him there, but is then interrupted by the man who kidnapped his daughter. The man on the phone reveals that he also wants the 3 million yen, but this man is not a part of Aso's plan.

He eventually finds his daughter, after Ran had beaten up the kidnapper, and finds out that the reason for the kidnapping case was that his daughter staged the kidnapping, with Aso's help, so her father would close his company for an entire month so that he and his daughter could spend some time with each other. He later promised her they would go on vacation. He then thanks Kogoro and tells him he will receive his reward soon.


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