Akemi Miyano


Japanese name: 宮野 明美
(Miyano Akemi)
English name: Akemi Miyano (Kendra in Case Closed episode 14)
Age: Around 25 (deceased)[1]
Gender: Female
Relatives: Shiho Miyano (younger sister)
Elena Miyano (mother, deceased)
Atsushi Miyano (father, deceased)
Occupation: Black Organization member
Aliases: Masami Hirota (Michelle in Case Closed episode 14)
First appearance: Manga: File 13
Anime: Episode 13 (She is reintroduced in 128, though her previous appearance is ignored.)
Appearances: Akemi Miyano Appearances
Keyhole number: Volume 41
Japanese voice: Sakiko Tamagawa
Masako Katsuki (Masami Hirota)
English voice: Clarine Harp (Michelle Hamlin/Kendra in Case Closed episode 14)
Alex Valle (Countdown to Heaven)

Akemi Miyano (宮野 明美, Miyano Akemi) is the older sister of Shiho Miyano[2] which both of them were members of the Black Organization. Unlike her sister, she was never considered as a high rank member[2]. She tried to free her sister from the organization to complete a bank robbery[2] which she was known under the alias Masami Hirota (広田 雅美, Hirota Masami)[3] which was a success, but got betrayed by Gin and Vodka and got shot while Conan was going to save her. Evenly that she died in her first appearance, she do appear a numerous times in the series mostly as memories or as flashbacks. It was also known that she was Shuichi Akai's girlfriend[4][5].


The message she left for Akai

The message she left for Akai.

She and her sister Shiho Miyano are for a long time members of the Black Organization because of their parents that where been members of the organization a long time ago before they died. Between 2 and 5 five years ago, Akemi start dating Shuichi Akai — a FBI agent[6], who was infiltrating the organization, but it was only to get more information for the organization.

Due to a small mistake made by Camel, she never was able again to be in contact with Akai, but to do so, they had to change different addresses. Akemi was send to a mission to rob 1 billion yen to get herself and her sister freed from the organization. It was known that it was just a plan set-up to kill her[7] The night before the mission, she sends Akai a message[8] with in there: "If I manage to leave the organization after this. Will you go out with me as a real boyfriend?"[9].


Coming from the organization, knowing that they are all cold-blooded members, she was more friendly and had a cheerful and outgoing personality. While she could kill without remorse if she had to, she retained enough compassion to despise her life of crime and try to find a better life for herself and her sister. She was also a person who can disguise herself very good, but when she is in a hurry she shows some more from her disguise and she was also a great person who can act as seen how she cried real for someone she hired.


Main article: Akemi Miyano Relationships

Akemi knows only members within the organization and only a few outside of the organization.


  • The voice actress of Akemi Miyano and Akai are married in real life.
  • Her name "Akemi" (明美) means "Bright Beauty".


  • (To Gin) "May I ask you one thing? You gave me these sleeping pills to put the giant to sleep...The moment he drank it, he started coughing up blood and couldn't move...what's the meaning of that?"[10]
  • (To Gin) "It isn't here...I've left it somewhere...Before that, my younger sister! You made a promise! You said you let me and my sister out of the organization when the job was over...If you bring her, I'll tell you where the money is.."[11]
  • (To Conan) "A large organization, wrapped in secrecy...I'm at the very tip of the organization, so all I know is that it's colour is black..."[2]
  • (To Conan) "Yes...they like to wear clothes that make them look like crows..."[2]


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