Akaoni Village Fire Festival Murder Case

Episode 38

Flames of Confusion (赤鬼村火祭殺人事件, Akaoni Mura Himatsuri Sastujin Jiken)

Episode data
Episode Detective Conan #38
Manga 10, 11, 12
Japanese November 18, 1996
English July 28, 2004

Masaki NegishiYutaka Abe


Kogorō got paid to follow a man named Masaki Negishi. At his detective agency, he's learning that Masaki has died when he was watching the news. Kogorō later thinks that Yutaka Abe was the one who killed him. But Yutaka got a very good alibi. Conan tries to find out how Yutaka could create such a good alibi and also thinks that he is the culprit. Conan figured out Yutaka's trick and tries to stop him in the airport which he got 3 hours left to bring Kogorō and Inspector Megure on one location.

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