Hiroshi Agasa (阿笠博士, Agasa Hiroshi; Viz "Hershel Agasa") is one of the main characters of the Detective Conan series. He's the neighbor of Shinichi Kudō and a very great friend of his father Yūsaku Kudō and his mother Yukiko Kudō. He is the first character in the series that knows the real identity of Shinichi Kudō as Conan Edogawa and also the one who helps him to capture the Black Organization and to get the antidote of the poison named APTX 4869. Later in the stories, Agasa took Ai Haibara in care after she fled the organization.


40 years ago when Agasa was in the sixth grade of the Teitan Elementary School he met a girl when he took a shortcut to school when he was about to come late at the first school day of summer break[2]. Known was that the girl was afraid to move because she was afraid of a dog. Agasa knew the dog stated that it comes from Noi which he told her to hide her behind his back which they passed the dog. Agasa asked her why she was afraid of dogs which she told him that when she was little she was bitten by a dog, which resulted her to hate animals[3]. Agasa took her to his friend Chōno who had a hamster which she also was afraid of but played with it afterwards. After two months she came to love animals again and she could pass Noi's dog.

In the meantime, the girl's hat fell off which Agasa grabbed her hat for her. She start shouting to Agasa telling that her hair looks weird and that it isn't looking like anybody else. The known reason why she shamed for her hair is because she is a Ainoko, a Japanese child with parents of different races. Agasa told her that she loved her hair because it is as beautiful as a apricot leaf[4].

On a rainy day in November, Agasa waited as usual at Noi's house at that girl so that they could walk to school togheter again. First, Agasa though that she was sick but it turned out that she moved away. Agasa obtained a letter in his mailbox after she left. The letter contain those words: "Thank you for these past three months...I am glad to be able to know you Agasa. I hate saying bye, so we'll say it later. Today 10 years from now, before the sun sets, please wait for me at the place of memories. If we don't meet, i'll wait another 10 years...even until I'm an old lady...I'll keep waiting...If you have time, please come. To my most most most favorite Agasa, Class A Kinoshta". Agasa didn't go to the place because he didn't know where the place of memories is[5].

Some time later, Agasa's family moved to the country.


Agasa is a very kind and joyful person, a person who spends time with the Detective Boys going out on adventure leaving them a riddle behind so that they can solve it, mostly Conan figures it out directly. Agasa is a extremely good friend of the Kudō family knowing that he mostly helps them out, evenly also helping out Shinichi to cover his true identity to everyone and creating helpful gadgets to be on level like Shinichi usually was. Agasa is also a very intelligent man but mostly his inventions are getting defect mostly and sometimes they explode which Shinichi says that his inventions are crap.

Agasa is also known as a very honest person and also a person who forgets mostly things, evenly the most important things that has happened in his past.


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Agasa has many friends around Japan that he knows throughout his childhood and evenly in the current time of the series.


Agasa is a chubby person which he has been stated by the Detective Boys as a fat person. Agasa has blue eyes with the white side-lines that has been a popular art of Gosho Aoyama. He has white hair and has a bald-spot. He mostly wears a white lab coat with a blue shirt, light blue pants and brown shoes. Also a known treat is that he has a big nose evenly when he was a kid. Originally, Agasa has brown hair as seen when he was a young kid during his elementary school years.


Creation and Concept

It can be possible that Hiroshi Agasa is based on the character Professor Ochanomizu from the popular Astro Boy manga and anime series by Osamu Tezuka. The appearance are almost a like and their both are professors, but, Professor Ochanomizu is a true genius, and Hiroshi Agasa is known as a crappy genius because his inventions mostly destructs their self except of the gadgets he creates for the Detective Boys and mostly for Conan Edogawa.

The name Hiroshi Agasa comes from the name: Agatha Christie (アガサ·クリスティ, Agasa Kurisuti) known by her creation of the popular novels of Hercule Poirot. The name "Hiroshi" is a pun written with the same kanji "博士" meaning "Professor" or "Doctor". His English name Herschel Agasa comes from the novels of V. I. Warshawski from her physician friend Dr. Charlotte Herschel.

The kanji "阿" means: "Africa, flatter, fawn upon, corner, nook, or recess", the kanji "笠" means: "bamboo hat, or one's influence". The kanji "博" means: "Dr., command, esteem, win acclaim, Ph.D., exposition, or fair", the kanji "士" means: "gentleman, or samurai".


  • Agasa and Vermouth are the only two characters of the Detective Conan series that knows the true identities of Conan and Haibara.
  • After that Shinichi has shrunk into the size of a kid he revealed some secrets of Agasa[6]:
    • Agasa claimed to be a genius but everything he makes utter crap.
    • Agasa has a hair sticking out on a mole on his butt.
  • During a fan poll about who is the leader of the Black Organization, Agasa had the most outcome which fans claims that he can possibly be the leader of the Black Organization.


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