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Long summary

Conan realized right now that the couple before the former case was actually Vermouth and Bourbon and is now afraid if they heard the conversation about Jodie meeting Haibara between Conan and Jodie. Conan then re-thinks that Inspector Takagi said that the couple made a huge blunder, which Conan believes that it was a opening act from Vermouth and Bourbon and that they wanted to see how he was about to react. Conan calls Haibara if they notice their presence, Haibara then tells Conan that she didn't felt anything of it because she didn't brace herself, which she now worries that they might discover that she is alive. Conan tells her that he was just checking, which behind a building Bourbon is spying on Conan. The next day, Conan is acting paranoid after what he came to know yesterday which he feels that he is being watched. Ran sees that there is something wrong with Conan, but Conan says that he was thinking because he has a difficult homework. Conan hears a shutter sound which he realized that someone took a picture of him in a close distant and tries to locate him. It turns out to be Sera. Ran asks why she is here, which Sera responds that she is here for work which she explains that she was hired by Rumi Kitao through her younger sister Keiko Kitao from Ran, Shinichi and Sera's school. Sera explains the situation which Ran received a phone call from her mother that she can't come because the meeting will take a while. Later, Ran introduced herself to Rumi, which later the two of them are heading to Waka's hotel room which Rumi tells Ran to wake Waka up because she is busy with something else. As Ran goes to the room were Waka should be, she later found her at the bathroom knock down by some sort of sleeping gas which knock Ran out either.

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