Conan went back to his old Elementary School, which he don't like. After school Conan sees Kogorō and ask him what he is doing. Kogorō tells him that, and continues in what he is doing. Kogorō is happy to have 500,000¥ ($4,673, €3,750 ) for only three days. Kogorō wonders how long Ran will take Conan under custody. Ran explains to him that she went yesterday to Professor Agasa and told her that his "parents" were here, but had to go. Kogorō feels sorry for Conan and thinks that his "parents" where throwing him away and tells him that he wants to see them face to face. Kogorō the start to see that Conan is in fact Shinichi Kudō but got a vague memory of it, but got finally distracted by a TV report. When Kogorō hear a crime scene and the name of the one he is following, he starts to flip. He tells Ran and Conan that Masaki Negishi was the one he was shadowing until yesterday.