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Long summary

The murder case about Chikafumi Usuda continues after Conan discovered a important clue. Afterwards, Conan uses his tranquilizer to put Kogorō in sleep. Yuzuki Fukui then wakes him up and tells him everything what have happened and how he "solved" the case. After telling him, Yuzuki wonders if Conan is alright after the case, which Kogorō asks her why. She then explains that Conan was talking with Inspector Takagi about something which Conan's expression have changed and started to run off. Conan is seen dashing through the street remembering what Inspector Takagi have told him of two different cases Conan and Jodie were involved about the peoples they've met at the previous case. Conan strongly thinks that in reality, it is Bourbon and Vermouth.

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