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A murder has been placed at the pool bar Blue Parrot. Kogorō was hired by a bartender which he thinks that he also is in love with him, Yuzuki Fukui. Known is that Chikafumi Usuda might have died by neurotoxin which has been stabbed on the back of his neck by a pointed object like an awl that had been coated in poison. Inspector Megure then tells forensic team that he might scream and cried out if he was stabbed by such a big needle. Kogorō then tells Inspector Megure that Chikafumi was heavily drunk which he has been fallen asleep and that he could feel a thing when he got stabbed. After that Kogorō said that, Megure came back to his usual behavior about "how it possibly can be that Kogorō is at every crime scene". Yuzuki then tells Inspector Megure that she was the one who called Kogorō and tells him the entire story about what she heard. Megure asks Kogorō how much he gets paid by her by taking such a job, which Kogorō tells Megure that Yuzuki is paying by drinks, but Yuzuki says that he has to pay the gimlet that he has ordered. Megure then spits through the other three peoples who drank along with Chikafumi. After going through some useful evidence, Conan discovers that the culprit didn't make the weapon disappear but he used that to make the weapon lift off.

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