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Long summary

Conan came up with a plan that contains that somebody else must gonna capture the two delivery guys. The two came once again afterwards to get some deliveries. Taii "meowed" in the bus which caught one of the two delivery men attention thinking that he heard a cat, his partner asks him what he got all the time because he first heard voices of children and now a cat's voice. It has then been explained how the dead body got in there which turn all to a love affair. After that Conan heard the story and waited until the delivery men left the place, he quickly calls Inspector Wataru Takagi but didn't answer and then Inspector Jūzō Megure but both of them are on a airplane that is about to start which Takagi turned off Megure cellphone after that Megure asked him how to. Conan then calls Professor Agasa but he is also busy with something else which he tries to re-contact with his but according to Agasa Conan hung up, but actually the battery have died. Conan then asks for the team what they got because he want to figure out something with those belongings of them. Conan asks Haibara if she also got belongings with her, but he then forgot that she has nothing which he says to her that all what she got is her undies, which Haibara smacks on Conan's head. Conan then later came up with a idea which he created a code on the receipt of Mitsuhiko's parents and place it at the collar of Taii and tells his were to go. Conan's idea is to lure out Bourbon from the Black Organization to help them out. Once Taii escapes after that one of the delivery peoples came to open the door, he came running towards Azusa which found the receipt around Taii's collar. Azusa then asks Tōru about the receipt because he is a detective but floated away.

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